I involve myself in a number of various projects and diversions. Though work never seems to leave me with a lot of free time, I do occasionally find some time to work on my old junque (including a PDP-11/83, a PDP-8/s, an SGI Crimson, an HP 9000/425t (on which we once had Aegis/Domain running, but foolishly sacrificed it for HPUX!), a smattering of MIPS-based DEC workstations, a PS2 with the Linux Kit, a PS/2 running OS/2, and some other odds and ends. My computers are to me what a garage full of classic cars might be to an Automotive Engineer; interesting to tinker with and talk about with other hobbyists.

Dan's home office desk

When I'm not tending to my electrons, I can be found enjoying the Cinema (I am especially fond of science fiction, dystopian tales, and German expressionism), listening to (and sometimes producing via my Moog Rogue and Kurzweil K2000) various forms of electronic and experimental music, hiking (the banner background above was photographed from our hike along parts of Mount Rainier), taking in the Americana of Central Illinois, and generally seeking out the Strange and Unusual. My "yearly pilgrimages" include a roadtrip to the Dayton Hamvention and attendance of all twelve screenings at Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival at the historic Virginia Theater in downtown Champaign, probably the biggest screen on which I've ever seen a film.