Stage 2 (tm): Internet Enabling Counter for the Coin-Up Industry

After the initial success of the Stage 1 Crane Controller, we decided to do a second project. This unit, called Stage 2, enables you to add web-monitoring capability to anything with low-voltage DC Switch contacts. Ths device provides 8 isolated polarity-agnostic low-voltage (up to 40VDC) switch contact inputs, and sends totalized outputs to the web via a cloud service.

You purchase the board, tap the wires off existing switches in series or parallel, and then the unit counts the number of switch closures and sends them back to a web page. The web interface then allows you to set alarm limits on the number of times various switch closures occur.

Stage two controller board This uses the same LCD hand control module as the Stage 1 board, to keep the interface programming easy. A quarter is shown for scale in the photo. At left is the Stage 2 board, showing the wireless mesh module and status LEDs at the top. At the bottom of the board are two 8-pin headers for the eight inputs, reset switch, and programming and LCD ports. The unit runs from 5-12VDC, and can acept up to 40VDC on its switch inputs.

Finished Stage 2 board, in red plastic housing This shows the Stage 2 product, in its happy plastic enclosure. Power supply input as at the bottom of the photo, with the switch inputs to the right. For more information on this unit, see