Links: Greg Linder on the Web

External web pages:, my DNP3 capable PLC-based high accuracy encoderless tracking controller.
My linkedin profile, as everyone needs one of these nowadays. has a nice blog that talks about all the interesting engineering stuff that he's up to.
juwi solar inc,where I did all the SCADA for several of their projects, including Milford, Blue Wing, Queen Creek, Cactus Garden, and Badger 1, among others.

Groups on the Web:

The Clarkson Biomass Group, the source of all those great digester stories. used to have a lot of photos in their news archives. In any case, congrats on their Sunwift IVy, and how well they did at WSC 2009.
Structure testing and coupler design presented at SLAC at Fermi during my first summer.